20140908 – Photos and videos from Italy

Photos and videos from our gig at Miracle Hill Festival in Italy. The two video clips are covers of the Los Brincos song Flamenco and the song Giovanni Telegrafista by Enzo Jannacci. We love playing covers live.



20140828 – Crash Nomada live in Italy

Tomorrow we add another new country to our touring map. For the first time Crash Nomada will hit Italy. August 30th at Miracle Hill Festival in Bolzano. More info about the festival here.

20140725 – Photos and videos from Estonia

Thanks to Maris S Photography and Art for photos and Kosmiline for videos.


20140615 – Crash Nomada live in Estonia

This summer, we add another new country to our touring map. For the first time, Crash Nomada will hit Estonia: 18th of July at Amme Rock Festival in Vasula. More info about the festival here.

20140507 – Östhammars musikvecka

We are happy to announce that Crash Nomada will perform live at Östhammars musikvecka, Friday July 4th, Östhammar. More info here.

20140504 – New songs at Klubb Katushka

We had a kick-ass time at Klubb Katushka in Uppsala last Tuesday. We played a few of our new songs, that we´ve been working on for the upcoming album, live for the first time. Enjoy the videos below!




20140403 – Klubb Katushka, Uppsala April 29th

Crash Nomada will play live at Klubb Katushka, Kalmar Nation, Uppsala, April 29th. After months working on new material we really look forward to some live madness and trying out a few new songs .
Below a photo from last time we played there.

20140320 – CN featured on new Folk Rock compilation in Japan

Crash Nomada featured on new Folk Rock compilation by Uncle Owen records, out now in Japan!

John at Tower Records in Osaka.

20140315 – Ragnar Bey sings with Den Flygande Bokrullen

Den Flygande Bokrullen featuring Ragnar Bey from Crash Nomada, performing the song No Regrets, live @ Fasching, Stockholm 20140314.


20140304 – Working on the next album

In October last year we started working on the next album. Going through two years of material and fragments. Starting to write proper lyrics, arranging, throwing stuff away, adding new stuff etc. Earlier we have often wanted to get the release out as soon as possible, but this time the plan has been to let things take time and go through lots of songs. Now five months later we have around 20 really good songs of varying style, recorded as rehearsal demos. Next step will be to select 12 songs for the album and start to record them properly somewhere. Will share some song samples soon!