Crash Nomada is an international Folk Punk band based in Stockholm. The music is a unique hybrid of folk music from around the world – supercharged with electric punk rock energy. Crash Nomada is known for wild live performances and has been labelled as Sweden’s best live band numerous times over the years.

Driven by a thirst for experimentation yet never loosing the danceable club vibe, simplicity and raw energy, Crash Nomada creates a distinctively own anarchic genre-bending type of Global Folk Punk. Prepare for an intense mix of folk music from southeastern Europe, North Africa, Scandinavia and the Middle East blended with classic Punk rock in the vein of bands such as The Clash, Manu Negra and Gogol Bordello for example.

Considering that the band started out as a small punk band without any ambitions whatsoever in 2003 under the name Dorlene Love – the road to Crash Nomada today is quite an unlikely story. From being a small party band busking on the streets, to eventually becoming a fairly prominent act within the World/Folk/Punk scene, appearing on nationwide TV shows as well as major venues and festivals across Europe. In 2008, the legendary Swedish punk label Birdnest Records signed the band and the debut album “Exile Deluxe” was released. Media coverage and reviews followed, some radio time and more and more gigs and European tours including performances at the Lowlands festival in Holland and every year at the Peace & Love Festival and most venues around Sweden.

Upon receiving growing international recognition, the name similarity to the great singer Darlene Love became evident to the band, and the idea of changing band name felt increasingly urgent.

– We finally settled for the name Crash Nomada, accordion player Walter says. It pretty much conveys the essence of what we do. A Crash is something intense, fast and expressive and Nomada is a fusion between Nomad and Armada, which transmits our nomadic music influences as a band.

In 2011, the two singles From town to town and Itineranza were released. The full length album Atlas Pogo was released March 28th 2012 and received good reviews. In 2013 the Broar EP was released with four songs in Swedish. The band is currently working on their second full length album. First single is scheduled for release spring 2015.

– At the end of the day, you know, our music is pretty uncomplicated. In fact this is probably the most accessible music there is, vocalist Ragnar says. This is ancient music that affects us and connects us to the world and our heritage. This is subversive music doing what it has always done best. Transgressing borders, rules and conceptions. And of course, making us dance along the way.