26/08/12 – New CN song on Turist i tillvaron vol 4 – out now!

We are featured on Vol. 4 of the much acclaimed Swedish punk compilation Turist i tillvaron, which is out now on vinyl & digitally, check it out at Spotify. More info on how to get hold of the double gatefold LP at Mikael Sörlings blog Turist i tillvaron.

Some info about our contribution then … It is a fast and noisy song in the vein of early 80’s punk and with some nice folky accordion and saxophone melodies. Also, we thought it was a good idea to take this opportunity to write a song in Swedish. We’ve mostly sung in English before, since we – much like people who dig us – are a pretty international bunch.

So this is the premiere of Crash Nomada with Swedish lyrics. And writing lyrics in your mother tongue does actually open doors to different levels of subtleness, ambiguity, and … eh, humour. The song is called Trivseldöden, which is very difficult to translate. The word ’trivsel’ has no counterpart in english, perhaps a hybrid of ’wellbeing’, ’comfort’ and ’cosiness’ would get fairly close. ’döden’ simply means ’death’, so literally it could mean something like ’Wellbeing death’,  however, as just mentioned, the nuances of language are pretty much impossible to translate.

Trivseldöden is a humorous rant and comment to life in contemporary society with its pathetic search for social status, identity, fashion & lifestyle through consumption and conformism. And the remedy is – as usual when it comes to us – full of bohemian anarcho libertarian romantic shit about being a drop out, broke, and having old&torn clothes. Etc.

But as always, the force is in the affect of the music & voices – which transcend all linguistic barriers in this world. Not understanding lyrics never stopped any of us getting carried away by songs in English when we were kids. Or getting carried away by songs sung in Arabic, Tamasheq, Romani, Urdu or Panjabi these days.

Turn up the volume & enjoy, hope you dig it!