Crash Nomada is a Folk Punk band based in Sweden. The music is a unique hybrid of folk music from around the world, charged with electric punk rock energy. The core of the band formed around 2006 and quickly gained a reputation for wild and intense live performances. Crash Nomada has been labelled as one of Sweden’s best live band numerous times over the years.

Driven by a thirst for experimentation yet never losing the danceable club vibe, simplicity and raw energy, Crash Nomada creates a distinctively own anarchic genre-bending type of Folk Punk.

Crash Nomada has played venues and festivals all across Europe such as Maré de Agosto Festival (P), Boomtown Fair (UK), Lowlands festival (NL), Peace & Love festival (S) nine years, Miracle Hill Festival (Italy), Urkult Festival, club tours to Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Estonia and pretty much every corner of Sweden.

The first full-length album Atlas Pogo was released in 2012 followed by the Broar EP in 2013. In 2016 two new songs in Swedish, Mälaren and Ljuset som du sökte were released.

In 2017 Crash Nomada collaborated with the Egyptian singer Maryam Saleh and released the single Leih ya Hamam which probably is the first duet ever in Arabic and Swedish.

In 2018 the second, self titled, album was released to critical acclaim. The album was produced by Jari Haapalainen and pointed in a direction towards more emphasis on the lyrics and songwriting as well as a heavier post punk vibe. The album was voted album of the year by several critics in Sweden.

The third album En rispa i evigheten, produced by Crash Nomada and Per Granberg (Charta 77) was released in 2022 on legendary punk label Birdnest Records. The album relfects the band’s broad musical span, where they move seamlessly between d-beat hardcore, calm ballads, folk metal and 80’s-scented folk rock, but above all land in their danceable and pulsating folk punk. The music is fired up by virtuoso violin and accordion, a pulsating rhythm section and raw organic electric guitar. The songs were recorde live in the studio to capture the directness and nerve.