Interview in Japanese PRhythm Mag 第11回目のゲストはスウェーデンのパンクフォークバンドCrash Nomadaです。

Interview with Ragnar and Tomo from Crash Nomada in Japanese magazine PRhythm Mag. English translation below.

PRhythm Mag第11回目のゲストはスウェーデンのパンクフォークバンドCrash Nomadaです。2000年代頭から活動を開始しメンバー交代やバンド名変更を経て、日本人のベーシストTomoさんを含むグローバルなバンドとして活躍中です。激しいパンクスピリットを全面に押し出し、オーディエンスと一体化するライブは必見!そんなCrash NomadaのボーカルRagnarと日本人ベーシストのTomoさんのお話を伺いました。

Crash Nomada interview for PRhythm Mag

We will start from a very basic question as this is our first time to do an interview with you.

-Firstly, could you please introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Ragnar and I sing and play acoustic guitar in the band.

-How did the band start?

We started out as more of a traditional punk rock band in the early 2000s. But we have always loved folk music from around the world, and gradually we moved more and more towards a mix of punk rock and folk music. 

-You have changed the name to Crash Nomada around 2011. Is there any feeling change starting under the new name?

Yeah, it was necessary and felt like the best thing to do. The old band name Dorlene Love was very similar to the famous singer Darlene Love, but we didn’t know of this when the name was taken, somebody read it on a record sleeve. This was before internet was easily available so it was difficult to check these kind of things. And also we have evolved as a band and changed members since the beginning so it was good to change the band name.

-Crash Nomada is a live band, so what is the most important thing for you to play at the live show?

We try to work a lot before the show on the setlist and prepare us to have a set of songs that is dynamic and varied. And we also take the audience and venue into consideration when we prepare for live gigs. But most importantly of course is the musical magic that is impossible to control, and it often comes when you least expect it.

-Do you usually do a show at festival and live venue only? Any street performance?

Yeah, we used to do a lot of acoustic street performances. And we still do some street performances occasionally. It is a good way to meet our fans and make new friends. And also a good way to sell more merchandise, hehe…

-When was the best live show/festival for you till now? 

It is difficult to say, we have done so many gigs over the years that have been great. I hope the best live show is waiting for us in the future.

-What kind of music/artists that you have influenced by?

We listen to folk music from around the world. We like when it is intense and danceable and melodic. And of course we like a lot of classic punk, rock, reggae, hip-hop etc. But all band members have different taste.

-“Mälaren” seems a bit more punk rock taste compare to the past few songs. what was the theme of this song?

It is a song that deals with the increasing xenophobia here in Sweden. Mälaren is a lake here where people have lived and where cultural exchange has been going on for thousands of years. So in the current times when governments and political parties want to close borders, the song uses the lake as a metaphor and is meant to remind us that people have always been moving and that there is a place for everybody everywhere.

-Crash Nomada’s live show has more rock sprit inside if you compare the band to the other world music inspired folk rock band. When you do the live show, what is the most important thing for you?

Yeah, since we started playing punk rock, we have always had that outlook. In intensity, amount of distortion, volume and in terms of image, vision and message. I think music has to be a bit noisy and uncomfortable in order to affect and be interesting. When we play live it is important to be well prepared, but also very important to be as open and receptible as possible to the beautiful and unpredictable chaos that is music. It is in this borderland together with the audience, that great music can be experienced.

-Any future plan of the band? 

We are working on the next album, and we have come to the point where we will let it take the time it takes and work very thoroughly with a great producer.

-Please give a message to all the fans who are reading PRhythm Mag.

We hope to come and play in Japan in the future!