Swedish folk punk band Crash Nomada celebrate their 10 year anniversary and release a new album 2021. Upcoming gigs so far:

April 23 – Hus7/Slaktkyrkan Stockholm, with Charta 77
March 27 – Kulturgaraget Avesta
July 2 – Dalarocken, Hedemora
August 12-15 – Telemarkfestivalen, Norway


Crash Nomada has gained attention all over the world for their unique hybrid of punk rock and different kinds of folk music. The band has a reputation for wild and intense live performances and has toured extensively all over Europe. Prepare for an explosion of dance friendly electrified folk punk from one of Sweden’s most prominent live bands.


Crash Nomada is a Folk Punk band based in Stockholm. The music is a unique hybrid of folk music from around the world, charged with electric punk rock energy. The core of the band formed around 2006 and quickly gained a reputation for wild and intense live performances. Crash Nomada has been labelled as one of Sweden’s best live band numerous times over the years.

Driven by a thirst for experimentation yet never losing the danceable club vibe, simplicity and raw energy, Crash Nomada creates a distinctively own anarchic genre-bending type of Folk Punk. Prepare for an intense mix of folk music from south eastern Europe, North Africa and Scandinavia blended with classic Punk rock.

Crash Nomada has played venues and festivals all across Europe such as Maré de Agosto Festival (P), Boomtown Fair (UK), Lowlands festival (NL), Peace & Love festival (S) nine years, Miracle Hill Festival (Italy), Urkult Festival, club tours to Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Estonia and pretty much every corner of Sweden.

The first full-length album Atlas Pogo was released in 2012 followed by the Broar EP in 2013. In 2015 the band teamed up with producer Jari Haapalainen to record two songs, Mälaren and Ljuset som du sökte which were released in 2016 to some critical acclaim and pointed in a direction towards more emphasis on the lyrics and song writing. In 2017 Crash Nomada collaborated with the Egyptian singer Maryam Saleh and released the single Leih ya Hamam which is a duet in Arabic and Swedish. The band is currently working on their second full-length album.


”Crash Nomada owns the stage (…) I’ve heard their songs online before (…) but never seen or heard anything like it live.”

”It is exciting that there is a Swedish band that really dares to push the borders in the way Crash Nomada is obviously doing ( … ) The music is very catchy ( … ) One of the year’s stronger albums so far.” NYASKIVOR.SE

”The music is infectious ( … ) the joy of playing is obvious, and live the band will most likely be something out of the ordinary.”

”Crash Nomada ( … ) is not stuck in a nostalgic retrospective. On the new album Atlas Pogo, there is a great freedom in the aesthetic expression. ( … ) Crash Nomada develops what history’s best punk band once opened up for – an outlook that extends beyond the Western rock canon.”

”An amazing groove (…), they jump, go berserk and shout, accordions roar and the drums are going crazy and Mano Negra is mixed with the Balkans, the Middle East , The Clash ( … ) The song Dustbin of History goes on like a runaway train, and you can not stop smiling ( … )”

”Here you can hear that they actually have a little more fun than any other band when they play and it rubs off, when they stir up lovely eclectic speed metal ethno like in the song Dustbin Of History ”

”… an amazing live band. Attitude …”

”Now the gang is back with the sprawling, dance friendly, passionate, wild, beautiful, calm and rocking Atlas Pogo”

”(Atlas Pogo) is a lively mix of folk influences from different parts of the world such as North Africa and the Middle East, laced with reggae and punk attitude and sometimes with quite heavy rock guitars.” UPPSALA NYA TIDNING